Get a body like your favourite TV star

Get a body like your favourite TV star 

  • Well, we being humans always do our best to look and feel good. We aspire to possess a flawless personality and as you make a mark on a stranger within the first few moments of coming face to face; a great body can definitely make a positive impression.
  • Role models exert a great deal of influence in shaping our lives. And those favourite movie/ TV stars with their well-sculpted bodies give us fitness goals to stay in shape. Fascinated by their fashion style and steaming hot bodies, people often try to emulate.
  • To stay in shape and have a near-perfect body stats, one has to exercise a strict discipline to be. Your favourite movie/ TV stars also do and that is why they always look fit. You can achieve those fitness levels by maintaining a healthy lifestyle by following a nutritious well-balanced diet and regular exercise.
  • With so many technological advancements in the field of health and fitness, apart from maintaining essentially healthy lifestyle which is a lifelong thing, to get a body like your favourite tv star, you can also undergo medical treatments like lipo-sculpting.


Lipo-sculpting is a form of cosmetic surgery that is done to remove fats to give the desired shape to the body. It helps in achieving a better body contour by taking out the fat between the skin and the underlying muscles.

Under this treatment, excess fats are removed from hip, thighs, back, belly fat, chin and from other areas to ensure a close to perfect body contour.  And the added benefit of lipo-sculpting is weight loss, but you may not shed a lot for the location areas of liposculpting and extent of liposuction (fat removal) being limited.


  • Cryolipolysis :

It is a non-invasive type of treatment that allows an individual the desired body contour. Under this treatment, localized cooling treatment in the range of +5 to -11 °C is given to the identified area. Exposure to cooling leads to the death of the fat cells and eventual removal from the body, naturally. Click here to find out more!

  • Ultimate Fat Freezing System:

Another form of lip-sculpting treatment, it helps you achieve a body contour with those curls and curves that you have been craving to possess. It can also help you achieve a considerable fat loss from specific areas of your interest. A pain-free treatment option, it can prove to be a great supplement to your existing weight loss measure to achieve quicker and better results.

So, as you have identified and set your fitness goal to acquire looks of your favourite tv/ movie star; do not procrastinate any further and act. With those cool fashion styles around every season; you would definitely want to adopt them and look fab.

A right mix of healthy food habits, exercise and lipo-sculpting may offer you the looks that you have wished for. Just go for it. You never know, your new look may land you a role in the entertainment industry itself.

Lose Fat Faster With LIPO-SCULPTING

LIPO-SCULPTING is a modern form of liposuction surgery, which is performed to eliminate fats by liposculpture to provide the wanted facial shape to the patient. Lipo-Sculpting helps in shaping up the neck and face by taking away the fat deposits between the muscles and the skin on the face. It helps in attaining a perfect facial body shape by removing the redundant fat in between the muscles. Under this procedure, localized cold heat treatment at the range of -5 degrees C to -11 degrees C is applied for a given region. The area will be wrapped with silica or polyethene sheet to absorb the heat. After a while, the warm air is removed and the patient is asked to recover.

In comparison with liposuction, LIPO-SCULPTING is less invasive and does not cause severe side effects. The major benefit of LIPO-SCULPTING is its fat removal technique. Unlike liposuction, in this method, there is no need to remove excess fat cells out of the targeted region. Fat cells are simply frozen or melted using ultrasonic or laser technologies. Once the fat cells are frozen or melted, they are removed with the help of ultra-sound waves or by injecting them into the target area by using a cannula. The fat cells are also eliminated from the body with the help of a vacuum-like mechanism.

LIPO-SCULPTING makes use of various techniques to achieve a body contour without having to remove excess fat cells. One such technique is cryolipolysis wherein liquid nitrogen is injected in order to freeze the fat cells. This helps in enhancing the shape of the body contour. Cryolipolysis also helps in removing the accumulated fat cells that can be a cause for serious complications.

Some of the common problems that can occur after undergoing cryolipolysis treatments are excessive swelling and bruising. However, most patients report that the swelling and bruising to go away in a few hours with time. This procedure is very useful in removing unwanted fat cells that lie on the surface of the body.

Another innovative fat removal treatment procedure by LIPO-SCULPTING is the targeted fat removal. With this technique, fat cells are removed depending upon the areas of the body that are to be contoured. The entire process is completed through the cryoablation of a local anaesthetic.

During the first days of the procedure, there may be some pain and swelling. In order to control the pain and swelling, oral analgesia and a local anaesthetic agent should be administered. As soon as the targeted fat cells are dead, they are easily removed with the help of the vacuum tube. There will be lesser bleeding and bruising post-surgery which are another important benefit of lipo-sculpting.

The latest advancement in the lipo-sculpting is the coolsculpting. This technique uses a special cool fluid that makes fat cells of all sizes retract. This cool fluid has the property to make the targeted fat cells die. This method is considered less harmful than that of the traditional cryolipolysis. Though, it takes more time to remove the extra fat from the body as the cool fluid is used.

Since it is very expensive to use these kinds of treatments, a lot of companies are coming up with cheaper versions of the procedure. One can even do this at home. However, before going for any of the home remedies for LIPO-SCULPTING, it is imperative to do the proper research on how safe it is. Only if you are sure of the treatment option that you select, can you go ahead with the same? Apart from the thigh, arm, face and liposuction, one can also use the same techniques on the abdomen, back, arms and buttocks to remove unwanted fat and enhance the body contour.

How Does Cryolipolysis Work?

LIPO-SCULPTING is a cosmetic plastic surgery, which is done to eliminate fat, muscle or skin to give the body the desired form. It assists in achieving a better body shape by removing the unwanted fat in between the muscles and the skin. Lipo-Sculpting helps in the reduction of weight, which may be excessive, flabby, saggy or even sagging. This cosmetic procedure is also done to increase cheek size, lips and eyelashes.

Lipo-Sculpting uses lipo sculpting – a process of selectively liquefying areas of the body where fat cells reside to achieve a more toned appearance. The fat-freezing procedure utilizes cryolipolysis – the selective destruction of fat cells without damaging other important issues. During this fat-freezing procedure, liposculpture cells are frozen and then are sent to a special laboratory where they undergo a series of processes that reduce their volume. This is to ensure that there are no extra fat cells being produced in the treated area. The result after treatment is an improved look and feel of the area that is treated as well as increased self-confidence.

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