Vaginal Tightening Treatment


  • Non invasive Procedure
  • Repairs & restores Vaginal tissue
  • Pain free, safe & effective
  • Long lasting results

Why FemiWand® Vaginal Tightening could be beneficial for you:

Women, over time, lose the ability to hold the collagen muscles of their vagina.

In technical terms, the collagen in the vaginal muscles is replaced by fibres that do not stretch as they normally should.

This may be as a result of various reasons, among them menopause, childbirth, surgery and obesity. In some cases, heavy cigarette smoking and hysterectomy may cause the vagina to lose its elasticity.

Vaginal tightening from Lipo Sculpt is still a conversation talked in hush tones, especially as a medical procedure, but thanks to the Lipo Sculpt FemiWand technology, women are speaking out gradually. The process is a non-surgical high intensity focused ultrasound which concentrates thermal heating around the vagina tissue to tighten it.

The high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) FemiWand has been used in other medically sanctioned skin tightening procedures, producing excellent results.

Eligibility for HIFU Vaginal Tightening with Lipo Sculpt

Any healthy female above the age of 30 years can undergo vaginal tightening.
For women who have vaginal looseness and discomfort
Women who are breastfeeding are not to undergo the treatment.
Pregnant women are not eligible.

How the Lipo Sculpt FemiWand Procedure Works

The Lipo Sculpt HIFU procedure must be clearly differentiated from Laser treatment.

HIFU tightening treatment is non-invasive and doesn’t require any form of surgery.

It also doesn’t involve numbing or any form of anaesthetics.

With recent success in treating bladder weaknesses and dryness in the vagina, the process is safe for treating vaginal muscle laxity.

The ultrasound process focuses the thermal energy on the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) of the vaginal tissue.

This results in contraction of the muscles which in turn tightens up the muscle.

The concentration of the thermal energy is specific and helps control the contraction of the muscles and intensity to curb the invasiveness.

The process guarantees results and comfort for every patient and takes the shortest time possible to go back to the normal routine.

It takes at most 20 minutes to undergo the ultrasound.

There is no pain throughout the Lipo Sculpt non surgical vaginal tightening treatment as the HIFU procedure does not involve the rapid contraction of muscles.

There is no time-off normal routine before or after the treatment, as opposed to the traditional surgical vaginal tightening procedures.

FAQS Vaginal Tightening - FemiWand®

What is the FemiWand® Vaginal Tightening ?

The FemiWand ® applies High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) that has a long-lasting history of practice for clinical applications.

For one to undergo the HIFU procedure they need to observe the following

  • They should not be on their menstrual cycle.
  • After the treatment, take at least 72 hours before indulging in sexual activity.
  • To control the outcome of the procedure, various patients have different preparation methods.
  • This can be handled uniquely to suit the client’s aspirations.
  • Owing to the sensitivity of the topic and treatment in general, doctor-patient confidentiality is exercised. Most of the specialist doctors are female, which is strategic for social reasons.
  • The process is voluntary.
  • After the initial consultation, it is the choice of the patient to go ahead with the treatment.
  • If you are a physical training enthusiast, you need a sit-in time of at least 24 hours to allow proper vaginal muscle relaxation.
  • The patient requires at most 30 minutes in the clinic for the entire treatment.
  • After the treatment, the patient can go back to the normal less strenuous activities immediately.

The treatment takes at most 20 minutes. In total, a 30 minutes appointment is required for the procedure.

None. You get back to your normal daily discourse immediately after the treatment. After stepping out of the clinic, you are good to go.

No. There is no provision on anaesthesia or any numbing treatment.

Results may vary among patients. However, the effects might be immediate to some while others might take up to 30 days.

The results last on average over  2 years and more, after which you can go back for a top up treatment if required.

The sensitivity after Lipo Sculpt Femiwand treatment takes between 2 to 3 days before resuming normal life. It is advised to follow this guideline for maximum results.

The physical training process stretches the body muscles to maintain flexibility and burn excess fats. After the Lipo Sculpt HIFU treatment, the vaginal muscle takes the 24 hours to adapt to the new elasticity. Going back to training might either delay the results or loosen up the muscles to their original form.

This varies from patient to patient. Some might observe mild redness while others may see skin tenderness. Other might just be okay after the Lipo Sculpt Femiwand procedure.

Various clinical and analytical researches have been done on this technology. It is certified safe and approved for use in medical practice. A study by the US National Institute of Health in December 2015 proved that the Lipo Sculpt procedure is safe, effective and non-evasive, and has a positive lasting effect on skin laxity.

Lipo Sculpt HIFU technology uses non-surgical and non-invasive methods to rejuvenate vaginal muscles. It uses thermal energy to help contract the muscles back to their original form.

On the other hand, using laser technology is evasive and have worrying side effects. Medical researchers have advised against this procedure as it might cause other health complications.

Specialists advise one to go for the process once, or at most, twice.