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About Lipo Sculpt

Are you unsatisfied with your body or Face shape?

Do you get upset when you look in the mirror, even when wearing new clothes?

Do parts of your face make you feel insecure?

Is the culprit that stubborn pocket of fat that you just can't budge no matter what diet you're on?

Do you feel like your fine lines or saggy skin makes you feel less confident?

Perhaps you dream of having a nice body or smooth complexion, that you won’t be ashamed of, that will boost your self-esteem. If that is you, then you are in the right place. Lipo Sculpt brings you an innovative and safe procedure to tackle this insecurities . We strive to be committed to improving the quality of life of the local community every single day. We believe that we ought to make our customers knowledgeable of what kind of service they can expect from us even when we fail to reach own targets. Contact us today to find out more!

We Promise we will -

  • Handle customer inquiries in a timely manner and ensure that the information we offer is correct and reliable to our customers.
  • Provide reliable services that fulfil every need of the customer.
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  • Ensure we handle customer information in a confidential manner and with utmost privacy.
  • Always provide convenient and accessible services to our customers in a timely manner.
  • Ensure our dealings with our customers are conducted with honesty at all times.
  • At all times provide clear communication to our customers through our communication channels and ensure they are well informed of all critical issues.
  • Provide reliable services through efficient means to meet the expectations of our customers.
  • Communicate to our customers in a manner and language they can understand to ensure that we are able to address issues together and also to understand each other Have skilled employees who can handle customer care diligently.


Cryolipolysis is a technique for the reduction of localized fat. It’s a promising alternative to invasive procedures like liposuction.

The fat freezing treatment was established and developed by two dermatologists at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and its use has been approved in Europe since 2009.

  • Flanks
  • Upper and lower back
  • Inner thighs
  • Arms
  • Man chest
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Gluteal fold

The treatment can be undertaken for both women and men

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During the cryolipolysis, a machine with very low freezing temperature is used to freeze fat cells. The treatment is based on the fact that fat cells are more sensitive to low temperatures than other cells. That’s why the process can specifically target the fat cells, without doing any harm to other cells.

After the freezing procedure, the professional conducting cryolipolysis will massage the treated area to maximise the results.

The body will then remove the frozen dead fat cells through the liver, reducing the fat area by between 25%-40%. The results can be seen from a few weeks to 3 months.

The process is painless. There’s no cuts or bleeding, just a cool machine in contact with your skin for a limited period.

Since it’s a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, it involves fewer risk of complications. And the post-procedure is a lot smoother than those of liposuction because you won’t have problems such as pain, fat or blood clots, the risk of infections and side effects associated with anaesthesia.

Besides that, we offer a high-quality aftercare, so the treated area will not be swollen for too long.

As Lipo Sculpt is specialised only on this procedure, we provide gold standard service that suits your needs and our competent professionals will guarantee the safety of your body and effective results.

Another important aspect of our service is that you don’t need to wait. We can set fast appointments, to help you save your precious time.

Want ultimate convenience and don’t want to leave home? Our treatment is the best option for you as we can perform the treatment in your home.

So make your dreams true. Visit our website and ask for an appointment. We are the Lipo Sculpt, the solution for your body.


High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a clinically proven, non-invasive alternative. The technology surrounding HIFU is truly groundbreaking and the only non-surgical method of removing signs of ageing endorsed by the FDA.

  • Full Face
  • Forehead
  • Brow
  • Neck
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Jawline
  • Chin
  • Décolletage

The treatment works by breaking down the affected areas, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and promoting healing and growth, including the tightening and lifting of the skin. The healing process should be complete between 3 and 6 months after treatment and the effects last for up to two years.

  • Proven to be effective, so you aren’t wasting your money
  • Non-surgical so no risk of infection
  • No requirement for anaesthetics
  • The process costs significantly less than invasive surgery
  • HIFU penetrates to a level, only previously possible with surgery
  • Results are visible immediately and improve during the course of treatment
  • The process is painless.

One example is Scott from Leicester. He has struggled with his self-confidence for years due to his wrinkles and fine lines. He has had one hifu full lift, and his results have been fantastic! His confidence has changed, and his self worth has grown!

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