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Why Choose Cryopen ?

How Cryopen Can Help you remove a verrucae permanently

The virus which causes Viral Verrucae is called HPV or Human Papilloma Virus.

This is common and can happen in anybody. Age and gender do not make much difference.

However, the immune system does. There are approximately 100 kinds of HPV, and they penetrate the body through small cracks and breaks in your body or using sexual activities.

This wart may appear not just on hands and foot soles, but also other parts of your body like arms, neck, face, etc. which is degrading. This also decreases your self-confidence.

HPV likes areas of the body that is warm, moist, and where the skin is thick. These develop to look like cauliflower, and they are painless and benign.

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Why Verrucae Happen -

a viral verruca is a kind of skin infection due to HPV.

Popular types of Human Papilloma Virus are likely to cause warts on your skin like foot sole, hands as well as fingers. Some other examples of Human Papilloma Virus are likely to cause warts on the genital and rectal areas. Some are naturally resistant to this virus and do not seem to acquire warts as fast as other people.

Is Lipo Sculpt Cryotherapy Safe?

Lipo Sculpt Cryotherapy is safe. 

Before undergoing this treatment, we will assess your condition and how serious your warts are. We will also know your cosmetic objectives to come up with a desirable Viral Verrucae removal plan. A treatment plan that will give you the result you deserved.

FAQ Viral Verrucae Removal Lipo Sculpt Cryopen

Most of the time, the expert will be able to know a wart by merely looking at it. In most cases, she or he might also scrape the affected area to search for tiny dots. These are some of the tell-tale signs common to clotted blood vessels and some warts.

Your medical practitioner may not be definite if the skin growth is really a wart. If so, your doctor may have to take a part of the said wart for identification to a lab. Click here to see why Lipo Sculpt are the best option for you!

Yes. They can cause pain when they are bumped and can lessen your self-esteem. They are embarrassing as well once they grow on your face. Proper Lipo Sculpt Cryopen treatment may decrease the possibility that the Viral Verrucae will be spread to other portions of your body or your loved ones.

Never try any home remedies or OTC to get rid of Viral Verrucae. You can hurt your skin by putting chemicals on it.  Also, you shouldn’t treat Viral Verrucae on your face without visiting a specialist. So, what is the best way to removed Viral Verrucae through cryotherapy ?

We offer Viral Verrucae removal through Lipo Sculpt Cryotherapy. Lipo Sculpt Cryotherapy is the application of extreme cold that is produced by liquid nitrous oxide for the fast, effective, and safe solution for the controlled destruction of Cryotherapy.  We use Lipo Sculpt CryoPen, and an FDA registered innovative cryotherapy advancement. It looks like a pen that offers a fine pinpoint spray of liquid nitrous oxide at an incessant temperature.

Lipo Sculpt Cryotherapy, as mentioned above, is an effective and safe way for getting rid of any types of warts which include Viral Verrucae.  Lipo Sculpt Cryotherapy is a non-invasive treatment so that you can do your daily chore after the procedure. After a few weeks of undertaking this kind of treatment, you will slowly notice a difference in the condition of your warts.

It will slowly disappear, bringing back the beauty of your skin and your confidence as well. You can visit or call us to know more about our Viral Verrucae removal service.