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How does fat freezing perform on the body?

One of our certified cryolipolysis Consultants will put a device against your problem area. It then pulls the bulges of fat in against a cooling panel. This will freeze the fat cells beneath your skin.

The complete treatment remedy will commonly take for about an hour. This is dependent upon the size or coverage area which you choose to be treated.

The Lipo Sculpt treatment is for anyone who desires to drop unwanted bulges of body fat. In particular, those who have exercise-resistant areas of fat and want to shed off fat without a surgical procedure.

After the fat cells have died, the body removes them in a natural process over a number of weeks.

Cryolipolysis - Results

Patients who have undergone the procedure found a 20% to 26% of fat reduction following the therapy. The finished result is reasonably rapid and will last a long time provided that the patient maintains a healthier lifestyle and typical workout. Click here to find out more about Lipo Sculpt !

Medical doctors have assured us that there are actually no complications or long-term dangers linked to cryolipolysis or cool sculpting.

Some Lipo Sculpt clients could experience a tingling sensation or tightness inside the treated area. But these negative effects will be temporary and fade quickly.

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Weight Loss options


Where do I start for weightloss?

We all want the perfect figure but sometimes it is hard to know how to go about getting it. With so many options available to you, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know what is the best diet, exercise regime or treatment for you.

As everyone's bodies are different and all require different methods of care, what may work for one person is unlikely to work for another.

However, you know your body the best so here at Lipo Sculpt we have listed a vast range of the services and suggestions available so that you can see exactly what's on offer and choose what's best suited for you, to enable you to removal that stubborn layer of fat.

Why should I invest in any of these methods?

Losing weight is one of the most satisfying joys of this world. It can boost your happiness and self-confidence and it makes you feel good in your own skin. No more embarrassment at not fitting in that dress, or having to wear a coat because you feel self-conscious of your belly.
By investing in surgery or other means of weight loss you can finally be that person you’ve always wanted to be. The confidence you have could help you get that promotion or that man you’ve had your eye on. Why hold back? Let Lipo Sculpt help today!
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Worried it wont work?

No matter which option you choose, it is important to stick to it. You are likely to face obstacles and difficulties along the way, but what’s at the end of the finish line is worth fighting for. That feeling of achievement and happiness is what we here at Lipo Sculpt love to help you achieve.
Liposuction and cryolipolysis are best short term options, and they also set you off on the right path for further weight loss if that’s what you strive to do. They may also encourage you to keep that new body shape healthy and get even better, which will increase your long term weight loss and overall health.
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Where it will finish

Perhaps the best way to losing weight is to try a range of these methods. Exercise and a balanced diet is important for a healthy lifestyle, and therefore should be a vital part of your lifestyle no matter which option(s) you choose.
Even if you have liposuction or cryolipolysis, remember that these will not last forever, and so you should also strive to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight through exercise and healthy eating. If you are unsure where to start contact Lipo Sculpt today!
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That’s great, but what about my health?

Health is a very important aspect of weight loss, and should always be at the forefront of your decisions to take on any treatments or programmes. Lipo Sculpt can help you get there. It is unwise to choose anything overly strenuous because this will put a strain on your body and cause more harm than good.
Always consult a doctor before choosing a new regime or diet, and obviously also if you want to choose a medical procedure such as liposuction or cryolipolysis. However, as long as you make sure you are staying healthy you can only expect benefits. Losing weight is great for your body, and can decrease your risk of heart disease.
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What is Fat freezing?

In fat freezing an adhesive, gel patch is placed on the ‘problem’ area is then subjected to cold temperatures. Customers undergo one or two treatments and within two to 4 months see a difference on the sought after area after the fat cells die.

Dieting is perhaps the most common method of weight loss. It involves a conscious restriction of the intake of food, whether this is all foods or certain groups such as carbohydrates or dairy. This makes ‘dieting’ a very broad term in itself, so here is a breakdown of the most common diets and what they entail!

Vegetarianism involves cutting out all meat products. However, alternatives to this diet include pescetarianism which excludes all meat products except for fish, and veganism which excludes all meat and dairy products. There are many other variations to this diet, some of which are a lot less common, and there has recently been a rise in ‘flexitarianism’ which is where the user is mostly vegetarian or vegan, but occasionally consumes dairy or meat in order to keep their body used to proteins and dairy. This is claimed to be very good for the body.

These involve the user consuming a limited number of calories. Again, there are variations whereby some users may choose to cut back on calories from carbs whilst others may choose to eat less dairy. There is no right or wrong in these cases, it is merely a matter of deciding what suits you best. This can be self-regulated but many choose to cut back through mediums such as Weight Watchers and Slim Fast which also allow for encouragement, motivation and support from fellow dieters.

This diet is mostly a protein-based diet and encourages the dieter to eat a lot of meat and dairy (unlike some other diets). Some critics argue that this is a more successful way of losing weight than low-calorie diets because it introduces more carbs slowly throughout the diet, but others suggest that it can be more unhealthy due to the lack of carbohydrates at the beginning.

Like the Atkins diet, this diet promotes high protein and limited carb consumption. It focuses more on short-term weight loss but then tries to help with a more balanced long-term diet.

This diet was created by the cardiologist Arthur Agatston who claimed that the key to losing weight fast was not cutting all carbohydrates and fats from the diet but learning to choose the right carbs and the right fats.

This is a crash diet which starts off with only fruit in the first few days, and gradually builds up to incorporate more foods into the diet. (Please be aware that ‘crash’ or ‘fad’ diets are often extreme and can pose health risks.)

This is a low-calorie diet which is based upon the heavy consumption of cabbage soup. Although this works with short-term weight loss, it is difficult to sustain long-term and can be unpleasant.

Also a fad diet, the grapefruit diet suggests adding large quantities of grapefruit to meals to assist with losing weight.

This is a detox diet and is therefore intended to flush out all of the toxins in your body through the consumption of fruit and vegetable juices in place of regular meals. It is usually only practised in the short term and can cause weight gain when the user starts to eat normally again.

Although these diets tend to be followed for medical reasons, many also choose to follow them for health reasons or weight loss. Gluten is found in barley, rye and wheat so is often found in carbohydrates, and lactose is a sugar enzyme found in milk and dairy. Cutting out these food groups in your diet can be beneficial to your weight loss.

This is where the dieter finds foods which they adverse through a process of elimination. They then get rid of these foods from their diet, which can aid them in weight loss. This is a much more personal approach to dieting and so can be very effective.

This involves only eating foods without preservatives, and on mixing lean meats with complex carbohydrates. This creates a balanced diet which assists in weight loss.

This focusses on using olive oil as the main source of fat, as many southern Eastern countries do. Because this is natural, it can aid with weight loss.

There are many types of diets, and these are only a few variations. It is important to remember the health risks when considering dieting, and you should consult a doctor before you commit to a diet. However, dieting can cause depression and be very difficult and it is therefore not for everyone. There are plenty of other options available such as a gym membership or a personal trainer.

Although many of us may get a gym membership at the start of the year and vow to make a resolution to use it regularly, this is often not the case. Not only is this a waste of money, but it is also a waste of an opportunity. The gym offers so many different machines and programmes to aid you in your weight loss. There are a huge variety of machines that help you work out different parts of your body, which not only tones you up but is also excellent for your health. A balanced regime of cardio and weights is the best way to lose weight fast and keep your body in shape. However, like dieting, the gym can also be complex and if you are unsure where to start it can also be daunting.

Why not invest in a personal trainer? These are professionals who can help you build your own regime of cardio, weights, and even diet. They will be able to spot your weak points immediately, and can help you reach your personal weight goal as soon as possible. Personal trainers do require commitment, however, and you have to be willing to carry out the exercises and advice they give you. It is also a somewhat lengthy process and it will not be an overnight treatment. This is great if you want to work for your weight loss with a gradual improvement, but not so recommended if you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes cellulite from specific areas of the body in order to change its shape. Although ‘surgery’ may seem daunting, liposuction is a very common and successful procedure that alters the body shape through the removal of fat. It is most recommended to those that have a normal weight (i.e not overweight, obese or underweight) and good skin elasticity. Like any operation or surgical procedure, liposuction does pose some risks, and a reaction to the operation could occur (although this is rare). Liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in the United States and for good reason. It has a very high success rate. Although this does not often help with long-term weight loss, it is the perfect option if you want something quick and short-term. It is often advised for the patient to keep an exercise of diet regime after the liposuction in order to prevent any of the fat from returning.

This is a treatment used to freeze fat in order to reshape the body. Although cryolipolysis is a medical procedure, it is not surgical meaning it is the perfect alternative for those opposed to liposuction. Many suggest that it is effective for three to four months, so some argue that it is actually more effective than liposuction and poses fewer risks. Some immediate side effects include redness of the skin, bruising or numbness, but these often subside soon after.

People have liposuction or cryolipolysis done for all sorts of reasons, but they are often requested before or after an occasion. Many choose these methods if they are getting married (or attending a wedding) soon or going on holiday and want to feel comfortable on the beach or exposing more than they perhaps usually would. Some choose to have the treatment for parties because they want to look as good as their friends without feeling self-conscious of their own body, or they invest in it whilst they are dating, or if they have recently found a new partner. Some even chose to have treatment after a divorce or breakup in order to improve their self-confidence and make them feel better in their own skin. Other sad occasions such as a bereavement or a redundancy are also common times where people choose treatment. It can act as a tool of positivity and a sign of moving on. There are all sorts of reasons, but you don’t need anything specific to happen to choose weight loss. It does wonders to your self-confidence.

There are a number of brands that offer this service, but these are a few of the best:

  1. LA Lipo
  2. VIVO Clinic
  3. 3d Lipo
  4. Collagen Restore
  5. Lipo Glaze
  6. Cryo Lipo Clinic

To sum up, the benefits of cryolipolysis are:

  • ‘Quick fix’
  • Great alternative to liposuction (does not require a surgical procedure)
  • Perfect for upcoming occasions
  • Relatively painless with less risks than liposuction (can cause short term side effects but these usually subside within a week after the treatment)
  • Often lasts longer than liposuction with even less input needed for the upkeep
  • Relatively cheap – talk to your consultant for more details on pricing