Neck Lifting Treatment

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Why Choose Lipo Sculpt for neck lifting and toning treatment

Safe & Effective
Non invasive
contour Stubborn areas of fat targeted
lift sagging skin
Cost Effective Lasting Results

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The Lipo Sculpt High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is your excellent option, and the technique is approved as safe for fat reduction by the American Food and Drug Administration(FDA).

Typically, HIFU is a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic skin tightening treatment that uses ultrasound wave to lift the elasticity of the skin.

Commonly, you may be struggling to lose the unwanted fat from your body through diet and exercise, but some stubborn body fats will not shift no matter your nutrition routine.

However, with a Lipo Sculpt HIFU treatment, you will be able to reduce the excess fat cells from your neck and face as the method targets the deep foundation layers of the epidermis.

Typically, the treatment uses ultrasound wave which is a form of energy significantly different from laser methods, such as Radiofrequency and IPL.

Lipo Sculpt HIFU   will protect your skin surface, while penetrating the deeper skin depths and with high temperatures than in laser techniques; therefore, removing the unwanted fats in the foundation and dermis layers.


During the HIFU treatment, the ultrasound waves are focused beneath your skin surface causing cellular friction and target- point heating.

Thermal heat is then created within the epidermis tissues leaving the surface of your skin unaffected.

The rapid energy then produces both cellular friction and low-level injuries to the connective tissues and the body starts to heal on itself; as a result, stimulating the production of fresh collagen fibres.

HIFU treatment has no downtime, and you will be able to go back to your work after the therapy.

Additionally, the Lipo Sculpt treatment process is fast, and a single session of the procedure is for 45-60 minutes depending on the intensity of the fat deposits in your neck.

More importantly, HIFU is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment; therefore, making it more safe and effective.

Also, according to clinical studies, technology has shown the effectiveness of up to 20% fat reduction from the body.

Additionally, the HIFU treatment enhances a natural skin lifting as the ultrasound waves stimulate the deep structural layers of the skin; hence, promoting the growth of fresh collagen.

Moreover, Lipo Sculpt HIFU neck lifting enhances the tone and the contours of your skin, and the therapy is less painful depending on the target area and the depth of the treatment.

Also, the procedure is an excellent alternative to surgical face and neck lifting for patients who want to enhance their aesthetic without undergoing surgery.

Individuals who feel that their skin, face, and neck are becoming lax and lumpy and wishes to tighten the areas can choose Lipo Sculpt HIFU treatment.

Commonly, people who are at their 40’s and 50’s are more likely to have the therapy as it will help them to achieve a youthful appearance and shape.

Additionally, if you are at your 30’s you can use the technique to stimulate collagen production in your body which is beneficial in delaying your ageing process.

Moreover, Lipo Sculpt HIFU treatment is suitable for adults above 30 years as long as the degree of laxity of their skin is not too severe.

In some cases, it is an excellent maintenance therapy for individuals who have had surgery and wishes to prolong the results of the surgical facelift.

Aqualyx For The Neck

The benefits of Aqualyx on reducing fat on the neck are numerous.

Firstly, Aqualyx is a minimally invasive treatment, making it a much safer option compared to surgical procedures such as liposuction.

This means that there is no need for anesthesia or incisions, greatly reducing the risk of complications.

Additionally, Aqualyx specifically targets and breaks down stubborn fat cells in the neck area, resulting in a more defined and contoured jawline.

This can improve one’s overall appearance and boost self-confidence.

Moreover, Aqualyx has a quick recovery time, with most patients able to resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

This makes it an ideal treatment for those with busy schedules who cannot afford lengthy downtime.

Another benefit of Aqualyx is that it can be used on all skin types and ages.

This makes it an inclusive treatment option for a wide range of individuals seeking to reduce fat on their necks.

Furthermore, Aqualyx can also stimulate collagen production in the treated area, leading to firmer and tighter skin. This not only enhances the results of the treatment but also improves skin texture and elasticity in the long term.

In conclusion, Aqualyx offers numerous benefits as a non-surgical alternative for reducing fat on the neck.