What is Cryopen Treatment?

In seconds, the CryoPen Cryosurgical System extracts benign cosmetic lesions. It is the most modern, cutting-edge cryosurgery technique, using linear compression cooling technology that eliminates the need for harmful cryogenic gases and liquids.

Solar Lentigines, Warts, and Skin Tags (age and sun spots, liver spots)

Seborrheic Keratosis of Verrucas

Pigmentation on the skin

CryoPen Technology’s Advantages

An ultra-cold jet of high-pressure nitrous oxide is directed directly at skin lesions, resulting in fast and successful removal.

1. Extreme precision (treats just the lesion and not healthy surrounding tissue)

2. A medication that is both safe and proven

3. Effective with lesions ranging in size from 1mm to 10mm.

4. Rapid therapies (treats a 2mm lesion in 10 seconds)

5. It is not harmful to use on the face or near the eyes.

6. Minimal pain

What is the mechanism?

CryoPen therapy is a form of cryotherapy, a surgical technique that freezes and kills skin imperfections. Our doctor uses a unique instrument called the CryoPen to deliver a fine jet of nitrous oxide to the skin flaw, allowing the underlying tissue to crystalize, shatter, and ultimately die. The tissue cells’ reproductive DNA killed, guaranteeing that your skin abnormality permanently eradicated. It usually takes a few weeks to complete the procedure.

Our CryoPen procedures’ accuracy is a crucial advantage; the nitrous oxide is applied with millimetre precision, ensuring that no healthy skin compromised in the immediate area.

How long would it take for an operation to performed?

Even though procedure times differ based on the intended location’s size and depth, applications last just one to thirty seconds. In a couple of minutes, you should be out and ready to go.

How long does it take for the drug to kick in?

Cryotherapy sessions cause the cells attacked to wither and die over time. It usually takes a few weeks to see the complete product, but this will change based on the extent and form of lesion extracted. Skin tags, for example, turn black at the base and usually fall off in four weeks. More details can be found further down this page in the Aftercare section.

What does downtime entail?

You can feel some mild side effects as your skin recovers during the healing process, as discussed above. It usually involves sensitivity in the treated region and potential mild blistering, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Our cryotherapy kit, on the other hand, offers the best blister safety. Following an operation, you should stop touching or poking at the treated area. Please keep in mind that the region can become darker in colour as the skin recovers. It is normal, and your skin will return to its natural tones soon.

What do you foresee from your CryoPen treatment?

It just takes a few seconds for the procedure to be completed. A few minutes after treatment, there may be some residual stinging, and a blister may develop and last for a few hours.

We suggest a follow-up visit in 2 to 4 weeks to ensure that all pathological tissue has vanished or that no care is needed.