How is a CryoPen Used For Wart Removal

CryoPen service for wart removal

Warts are one of the most common pathological issues that affect people that’s why we use Cryopen. They are also one of the most frustrating conditions. Luckily, cryosurgery offers a very simple, safe and effective method of treating skin imperfections such as warts, age spots, skin tags, sun damage, Viral verrucae, Cherry angioma and more.

Wart removal with CryoPen

The procedure doesn’t use dangerous liquids or cryogenic gasses. It’s unique in treating plantar warts, warts that occur on the bottom of your foot or toes. With common warts, persistence and patience are the keys to successfully treat this condition. The common wart (verruca Vulgaris) is among the common skin lesions that are treated with CryoPen.

How does It work?

The CryoPen System is a safe all-in-one unit that consists of a probe thermometer, reusable tips, 6 probes with different application diameters and cooling chamber. The probe can be removed from the cooling chamber and immediately replaced with another of the same type. This means that the next application will be ready at all times.

The procedure involves the application of laughing gas (nitrous) ejected under high pressure on your skin. This gas is cold to help in freezing and destroying any benign lesions.

The CryoPen’s tip reaches -89°C during the application. The reason for that is to produce a thermal shock at the area where the gas is being pointed by causing the temperatures to rapidly drop. This has the effect of making the fluid contents of those targeted cells to start crystallising and turning into ice shards. This leads to the destruction of any skin lesions while the membrane that surrounds your treated cells is being ruptured and destroyed.

During treatment, ice-field or frost may be seen on top of the skin lesion. This should not cause any worry because the frost will go away within seconds. A technique known as freeze-thaw-freeze may be used to freeze and defrost a frozen lesion, then freeze it again. The frozen lesion will rest for half a minute before a second treatment is applied; the second time around, the tissue freezes faster and the lesion will certainly be destroyed. To find out more about CryoPen click here!

What are the benefits of CryoPen?

There are several benefits found in using CyroPen to remove warts.

• Enables patients to receive a treatment plan without the need for postoperative wound care or injections.
• The patients can also get their treated areas wet.
• CryoPen is among the least invasive lesion treatments found in the market.
• Anaesthesia is not required and it’s virtually painless.
• Takes less time – treatment sessions can last less than two minutes.

How long will the results last?

Clinical data have shown that the results of this treatment are permanent after only one or two treatment sessions. After treatment, you should leave the treated area uncovered to speed up the healing process. Your practitioner can apply a plaster or simple dressing if there is any chance that the lesion can get aggravated or rubbed in any way.

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