How does Ketosis Diet Get rid of Carbs

How Many Carbs Ketosis Diet

Carbs ketosis diet means that you will bring out ketosis to function in your body. Ketosis is the natural way of burning or metabolizing the source of energy in your body. Carbs are actually the usual source of energy that is being burned through the process of ketosis. However, in the keto diet, you eliminate carbs, calories, and sugar. Instead, it will be supplemented by protein-rich food like red meat and fats. Fats now will already be the source of energy. In turn, fats will now be the one being burned by the body through ketosis. Click here to find out the best option for you!

If you think that there is only one way of bringing out the ketosis process in your body, you are mistaken. There are several ways on how to bring out the ketosis process, which means there are also a lot of kinds or types of the keto diet.

Here are some of the variants :

  • SKD is otherwise known as the Standard Ketogenic Diet – Here, the combination is a very low carb diet combined with a moderate protein-rich food and a high-fat diet. An example of this is red meat, which is deeply cooked. It may be roasted red meat or fried red meat.
  • VLCKD is otherwise known as the Very-Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet. Here, it may be the same as the SKD only that it does not promote a high-fat diet. Here, you just eliminate the carb intake. So instead of eating bread for breakfast, you just substitute it with a hard-boiled egg for it to be VLCKD.
  • MCT Ketogenic Diet or the Medium Chain Triglycerides. You may ask as to where you can get this MCT, well you can get it from coconut oil. MCT Ketogenic Diet is beneficial not only to those who are on a strict diet, and those who want to lose weight in a span of one month. What is even more acceptable in MCT Keto Diet is that it helps in the treatment of epilepsy. The reason here is that MCT allows the person to have more consumption of carbs as well as protein while ketosis is setting in.

Carbs Keto Diet says no to bread intake. People and dieticians believe that bread is the number one source of weight gain in the world. That is why in the keto diet, carb is totally eliminated, even the carb which came from that healthy food, like veggies as well as fruits. You have to remember that in carb keto diet , carb is the number one target to be eliminated.

But there are also types of bread which may be partnered with the keto diet. These are those fibre-enriched ones or those whole-grain bread. It may also be the sandwich bread which is multi-grain ones. Low-carb bread or even tortillas may also be included in the list. Click here to find out more about us!

Wheat pita may also be considered because it has a functional component that helps you lower your cholesterol. Lastly, you may consider the roman meal. The Roman meal consists of a low saturated fat, and this fat actually decreases the level of cholesterol in your body and gives you an assurance that your body will become healthy even if you eat bread like this roman meal.

At the end of the day, it is still the combination of exercise and proper food intake that will give you the assurance of getting a better and fit body.

With these, your ketosis diet bodybuilding will definitely be a success.

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