Fat Freezing Before and After

The medical field has thoroughly evolved, and one of the greatest discoveries made is regarding weight loss. Do you actually believe that freezing fat work? But first is fat freezing?

Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes equipment to freeze the fat cells over a certain area to break them down and fully terminate them in the body.

How Does It Work?

As it was stated above it works by freezing the fat cells. During the treatment proper, a patient is placed in a bulge. The procedure starts when the practitioner vacuums the fat cells towards the surface of the skin. Once the fat cells are near the surface, the freezing begins through controlled cooling.

Fat cells are made out of the water, and experts make use of their nature to their advantage. They will chill the fat cells without causing any pain or damages to the skin. Once they are frozen, the cell will rupture and lose their ability to store fat. And once the fat cells leave the body, new ones would not grow back. Thus, fat cells are completely terminated in the body without any chance of regenerating new ones.

Before Fat Freezing

The people that use this procedure are mainly individuals that have accumulated a large mass of fats over the years. Fats may settle in different areas in the body. But the most common areas are the abdomen, thighs, legs, and chin.

Other areas where fat accumulation may take place are in the armpits, arms, buttocks, back, chest, and flanks. These are the areas where the fat cells have been doing their work.

Preparations to be Made before Procedure:

There isn’t a lot of preparation needed before the procedure, but there are things that you should take note of before you undergo the procedure.

  • Make Sure You are Physically Healthy and Ready

Although the whole process is non-surgical, you still need your body to be healthy and sound. You must be physically ready to take on the challenge of freezing the fat cells.

  • Avoid any Aspirins or Pills Before

For a safer procedure, it’s recommended that you don’t take any anti-inflammatory medications for the procedure. It may affect the operation or your overall comfort.

Those are the only things that you have to take note of before you proceed to the fat freezing procedure.

After Fat Freezing

After the procedure or the initial treatment, there is no recovery process as fat freezing is a non-surgical method. The individual may resume his regular activities without any limitations. The result or the effect of the procedure may start to manifest within the first three weeks after the initial treatment. The fat-removing process may continue until you reach the typical effect, and this may come within 6 months after the treatment.

There is an individual who may be required to take more than one treatment to fully maximize the benefits of fat freezing. Aside from the main effect, fat-flushing, the patient may start to feel several side effects after the procedure:

  • Stinging

One of the common side effects which you may feel after the treatment is stinging. Due to the cold procedure, you may feel a little bit stinging on your skin. This side effect lasts only for days, and you may feel normal after.

  • Redness

The skin that has been treated may turn red after the operation. Another common side effects that may go away after a few days.

  • Bruising

Bruises may manifest after the operation due to the low temperature. This may be treated and is not serious at all.

  • Sensitivity

Your skin may be temporarily sensitive for a few days. But like the other side effects, it may reside after a few days.

It’s not avoidable that you may experience some of the side effects after the operation. The side effects are common after the fat freezing operation. Also, they are not serious and may go away after a few days.

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