Incontinence Treatment Super

Lipo Sculpt are proud to be the leading clinic for achieving the ultimate incontinence treatment results in the United Kingdom.


Suitable For Men & Women - Save Up to 55%

Incontinence Treatment Prices - For Individuals

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incontinence super prices

10 x Incontinence Sessions £1,300

10 x Body Sculpting Sessions £1,200– 55% off £540

Total for both £1,960

SAVE £660

What Is Included In Incontinence Treatment Super Prices ?

Save big by combining two treatments at Lipo Sculpt .

Our unique combination of Incontinence treatment and Body Sculpting not only builds muscle but also provides faster relief from incontinence.

Combat incontinence effectively from both sides, ensuring faster and longer-lasting results. 

Book now for two or more treatments and enjoy additional savings. Don’t wait!

Schedule a consultation today to discuss your requirements. Our treatments are suitable for both men and women, require no anaesthetic, and have short 30-minute sessions.

There is no recovery or downtime after treatment, and only 10 short sessions are needed. 

Rest assured, our treatments are 100% reliable and safe, helping with bladder and pelvic muscle control.

Plus, you can remain fully clothed during the discreet procedure. Experience cost-effective treatments that deliver exceptional results.