Not everyone like particpating in Sports and going to the gym but want to lose fat then Lipo Sculpt is a perfect solution for you. Contact us today!


Do You Dislike Going To The Gym And Doing Sports?

So many of us are in a constant battle against our weight. It is so easy to gain pounds, but getting rid of them can seem impossible, and can take three times as much time to burn off.

The weight we gain over the winter season, for example, it can take a whole year of dieting and exercise to get rid of. Click here to find out more about us!

Which can be tiring and for many has the opposite effect, meaning that afterwards, they put back on the weight loss and more.

Needing Motivation for Gym and Sports

Many of us need motivation to actually get the ball rolling and start getting rid of excess weight .

Weddings are one of the biggest motivators for people looking to lose weight.

The bride and groom hope to lose weight in order to fit perfectly into their wedding day outfit and to look their very best in the photographs and on their big day.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the photos will be on display in the houses of friends and family, all over social media and even printed in a book, so losing weight to feel comfortable and look better is important to many.

Wedding guests, too, try to lose weight in the months running up to the big day. It isn’t just the bride and groom that are the centre of attention and want to look good.

Weddings are big social events and everyone wants to look their very best in front of friends and family, and dress to impress.

So looking after our figures and toning up so that we look fabulous in the photos and on the dance floor is essential.

What is Fat Freezing? How Does it Work?

Fat freezing  is not the same as losing weight. It is a way of greatly reducing the fat percentage in your body by freezing our fat cells.

We all have a pretty much fixed number of fat cells in our bodies, and this number does not change as we lose or gain weight. Instead, what varies when we put on kilos or lose them is the size of these fat cells.

Naturally, when we gain weight, they greatly increase in size, and as we lose weight, they get much smaller.

Fat freezing procedures actually decrease the number of fat cells in the target area, freezing the cell and causing it to die and collapse.

This fat freezing process is an increasingly popular way of targeting fat, especially for those who dislike sports and going to the gym.

It is not a substitute for weight loss, which can only really be achieved by gradually eating better and moving more, but will reduce body mass and help you look better in your outfit for the big day

How to Follow a Diet and Going to the Gym

But many people struggle with following a strict diet and dislike going to the gym and practising sports.

Without exercise, weight loss is twice as difficult and can take twice as long, but many of us just don’t have the motivation to step inside a gym four times a week or to go for a run.

It could be that we just dislike sports, and for others, it is a combination of many things.

Lack of interest, lack of money, lack of time. But there is another way. Fat freezing.

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